Hi there. Nice to meet you. I'm Téa.

I live & breathe love write about talk about research miss

the Internet

I make stuff On the internet

I've been 'making stuff' on the web for 27 years.

I’m a politics grad/campaigner who (used to) love helping people with tech, and rode the wave into design, community management and then consulting on digital for everyone from solo businesses to rock stars to big tech. But, there were some pretty dire consequences and I had to quit running my agency. Now I’m fighting for the industry I love from the bleachers.

I do, however, take on the occasional special client project, because I genuinely love what I do and I like to keep my skills up to date (and you know, need to live and stuff…).

Here's a super honest sales pitch

I'm passing on everything I know.

I am currently in the process of sorting through and making available everything I have ever done and learned in the digital industry. I have many answers for what is happening right now and why everything seems so off-kilter. But, it’s tough going when you aren’t funded and aren’t willing to be a cam girl peddling simple answers.

Some of the content (I hate that word) will be analysis in the form of articles (both free and paid), courses, consulting and other resources that I think people might find useful.

For now, you can subscribe and donate, or become a Patron. The Membership area will be available soon and donors will be credited with a Membership.