Téa Smith

a.k.a @tealou

I'm Téa.

I do 'stuff' on
& about the Internet.

I’m a user experience designer, developer, old school webmaster@, digital strategy consultant, Internet Grandma, and, weirdly, a political scientist. But I also just want to make people laugh.

I’m a nerd about all things digital and can handle pretty much anything you throw at me, from solo content creators to major corporate clients – I’ve got it sorted.

I love making people laugh, and I spend every waking minute trying to figure out what the hell is happening, why, and how we might be able to make it better. Who knew a politics degree would come in handy, eh?

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I run a digital agency & consultancy business. We build websites and do all that digital marketing stuff.

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I like to write. This website has a selection of archives going back a very long time, and I am trying to write more stuff down.

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I have a YouTube channel where I talk about the politics of digital (and embarrass my children by trying to seem funny and cool).

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I am pretty much everywhere on social media.

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Apparently there’s this thing where content creators can ask people for money and they’ll give it to you. So if you want to, you can… by going to my Patreon, SubscribeStar or by using Paypal. 🙂

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Tel: +61 407 877 431

You can find me on social media here:

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