May 2006

Psych in training.

Me: “Mina, you know what? I love you and your brother so much it hurts.” Mina: “That’s good mum, we love you too.” Pause a few seconds. “Mum, is the reason you love us so… Read More »Psych in training.

The big questions…

Watching Neighbours last week: “Mum, what is that girl wearing?” “She’s wearing a habit” “Why?” “She’s a nun” “What’s a nun?” “They’re married to God” “Who is God” oh shit “um, some people think that… Read More »The big questions…

Misinterpretation…as usual.

D-Listed had a photo caption competition for this picture. My first thought? “Once again, the psycho net mothers miss the point and say “oh no, she’s BOTTLEFEEDING!”

Snarky McSnark I be.

Well, I finally got around to posting my debut post on The Spin Starts Here. You can read it HERE.