July 2006

Almost home

Just playing a waiting game. The IV will most likely be out on Wednesday and I will be weaneed to normality and discharged by the end of the week. I wont be posting here anymore,… Read More »Almost home

Sunday 30th July

Not much new to report today. It was great to see Tealou pop out and say hello yesterday. She says that she is a bit to tired to say hello today but ya never know… Read More »Sunday 30th July

And she speaks….

….and drives the nurses nuts. And eats highlighters. That got your attention, didn’t it? Well, you may have heard a little rumour that I was dead, or sick, I dunno, I forget (hee one of… Read More »And she speaks….

Saturday 29th July

I will hold off on doing a regular update today as I believe that Téa will do one herself from hospital later.

Friday 28th July

Tealou is talking like herself again. You could just about knock her Doctor over with a feather he was that surprised by her progress. This week she has gone from being close to death to… Read More »Friday 28th July

Thursday 27th July

Despite Tealou being in a fair amount of pain and not having a complete grasp of time, Tealou is finally fully awake and able to communicate. Her lungs are looking good so there is no… Read More »Thursday 27th July

Tuesday 25th July

Today marks five days since Tealou was put into her unconscious state. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it but she is physically looking better. This must from being in her friends… Read More »Tuesday 25th July

What, When, Why?

Tealou is a very private person (believe it or not) but without divulging too much of what she would like private I would like to tell you what she is going through and why she… Read More »What, When, Why?

Spam with no point.

No link. No attachment. nothing. Just this: Well, we’re going to do it in reverse. Watch!” I threw the first nut. Not “This is very fascinating, Dr Pilman, but actually I was thinking more Kirill.… Read More »Spam with no point.

MiLFs do it better.

A few people have asked me over the years why I haven’t started my own “mummy” forum, given my tendency to get myself banned from the mainstream ones. Well, I have done the next best… Read More »MiLFs do it better.