No fat chicks: Well, you’re clean outta luck there, girlie.

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Mina and Jason were talking in the car on her way to school. The usual chatter about various things occur, until Mina asks Jason:

“Dad, what is your car’s name? Mum’s car is named Zelda.”

Jason, thinking he’d be a smartarse, said “My car is called Legend”.

“But Legend is a boy’s name. Your car is a girl”

“What makes you say that? Maybe my car is a boy.”

“Oh, so maybe your car is in love with Mum’s car”

I drive a Falcon and his car is a little Hyundai, so Jason said: “Nar, I don’t think my car likes fat chicks”

“No, Dad, I am talking about mum’s CAR!”

Nice. hehehe.

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OK….well this seems to be working now! Its weird how hard it is to write when you feel the pressure! I was browsing the net

Old & Unsorted

Not a morning person, really.

Don’t talk to me in the morning. Don’t even look at me. I hate getting up at 6am. I hate the fact that going to