On Good v Evil

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I have never understood the reasoning behind the notion that God is responsible for all things good… and then when something fucked up happens, it is Satan’s work.

It all sounds a bit convenient to me… you know, like Satan is the one with the thankless job, dealing with all the day-to-day drama of deciding who gets the hot poker up their arse and who gets to starve to death on Earth… making all the HARD decisions… and God is off, getting to dance around and give people light and song and hang pretty Christmas baubles off of trees and be Mister Good Guy all the time.

Part of benevolence & wisdom is admitting when you fuck up or fall asleep at the wheel because you were too busy chasing rainbows.

In fact, it sounds to me like God is a deadbeat parent… always pretending to be there, saying they are but never showing it, and making the occasional token entry in our lives to keep us dangling, but FUCK YOU when it counts, YOUR DAD TOTALLY SHOULD NOT HAVE FED YOU CANDY. How dare he be SO EVIL EVEN THOUGH I WASN’T THERE.

OH BUT DON’T WORRY, HE STILL LOVES YOU because he totally sent an email back in 1997 saying so with a picture of a kitty on it. You know, just so you remember.

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