Daily Show: The pain gap: Mesh, hysteria & medicine’s damning track record with women.

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The legacy of hysteria still hangs over women with a landmark class action over mesh. And it isn't going to stop, because, right now, the same thing is happening with teenage girls.

The medical industry doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to women. From “wandering wombs” to “hysteria” to modern psychiatry and autism – not to mention the million problems that women have with reproductive health.

Let’s be honest, the medical industry, like most of society, aren’t great at listening to women. We are left out in pharmaceutical trials, dismissed when we are in pain, and frequently end up dying or permanently disabled because, by the time we are heard, we are frequently in a worse condition because it takes longer to get diagnosed and treated.

Today’s episode is close to my heart, because I have been a victim of this more times than I can count. In fact, this last year, I have spent recovering from a severe illness that nearly killed me because my pain was dismissed.

(Hey, maybe I should take a moment to casually mention my Patreon and Paypal and Subscribestar, because, as a result of medical neglect, I was left with my health and business in tatters.)

Anyway, a landmark class action against Johnson & Johnson here in Australia over vaginal mesh has revealed not only how medical mega-corporations manipulate and conceal the truth about the real risk of their products, but when women complain about pain… they are dismissed.

This is the legacy of hysteria. And it isn’t going to stop, because, right now, the same thing is happening with teenage girls.

So, I talk about:

  • Johnson & Johnson Vaginal Mesh case
  • The “Gender Pain Gap”
  • Hysteria and Wandering Womb
  • A few of my own experiences
  • Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, research, breast-binding and mastectomies on 13 year old girls. This is a disaster waiting to happen.


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