Would you be interested in a course on disinformation & propaganda?

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I’m wondering out loud if people/patrons would be interested in me breaking down how disinformation from both sides is made & spreads? And the tactics etc? I assume knowledge but maybe some back to basics stuff might be good?

I assume that most people who follow me know some of the basic media literacy stuff but I’ve been thinking that maybe I should create some resources?

Like, especially with online communities and entryism/takeover but I wonder if people still don’t know how to spot a bot/troll farm etc?

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OK….well this seems to be working now! Its weird how hard it is to write when you feel the pressure! I was browsing the net

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Not a morning person, really.

Don’t talk to me in the morning. Don’t even look at me. I hate getting up at 6am. I hate the fact that going to