[Téasplaining] How online activism met MLM – an intro to the basic Playbook

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Today I am going to show you one of the many digital agencies who specialise in online campaigning. I’ll walk you through one basic handbook, all of which are based on one Master Handbook based on the work of Marshall Ganz, who was the main architect behind the Obama 2008 Campaign. Even if I was happy with the outcome, I still had reservations about the ethics of the campaign tactics.

A lot of the tactics that were used in 2008 (and beyond, including what happened in 2016) are unethical. And it raises that eternal question: do the ends justify the means? Should it be illegal to manipulate people using social media this way? The tech companies have tried to address it but Acronym just went and built their own tool instead.

  • Is it ethical to manipulate people?
  • Is it ethical to assign a persuasion score?
  • Is it ethical to win hearts and minds using network marketing tactics and cult-like coercion?

I mean, this is why I quit marketing – because I considered these practices to be wrong.

If you think that all these disruptive organisations seem to be part of the same group at the moment – well, they are – sort of. They all use the same Playbook. I am increasingly of the view that these groups are part of a big pyramid scam that is hiding behind activism. I mean, the agency literally calls themselves Another Acronym. How cynical can you be?

Over the next few weeks I’ll talk about all the types of fuckery you’re going to be exposed to, but I’ll start with this small intro to Acronym, their tactics, a little about MLM, and cover more detail each day. 

Do, please, if you have any area you want me to deep dive into, ask and I will cover it.

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