[Téasplaining] Hiding in plain sight: the role of “front groups” in extremist recruitment

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Hi all,

On today’s stream, I referred a little bit to the Digital Organizer’s Handbook, but this time contrasting it with how Cult Techniques operate in radicalising political extremist groups, such as ISIS. I also talked about how extremist organisations – whether they are religious, political, crime or whatever else – cloak themselves in “legitimate” businesses. Even ones that appear to be opposed to the main organisation and conceal its aims.

Once you start to apply some of the concepts and juxtapose things like the Digital Organizer’s Handbook with Cult Techniques, then see things like love bombing, persuasion, nudging etc for what they are… it becomes so much easier to see things truthfully.

I am of the view that once you become aware of the patterns of behaviour – much like an abusive relationship and the red flags they present – the more equipped we are to avoid extremism in all its forms.

This might seem unrelated but once you start to see the cult tactics that are applied by all types of groups, to all kinds of ends, it is so much easier to see this for what it is: fuckery.

I am obviously building to a bigger case and focusing more on trying to diagnose how we got “here”. This is a reminder that the daily streams are my process, NOT my product.

I of course consult and advise on this stuff too.

I also mentioned Ground.news – a fabulous new website/app for news comparison that helps you to de-bubble and see through bias in media coverage too. Here is a link to that and here is my referral code (I don’t get anything for this. I just really like this idea, especially in 2020). Referral code for a free month of Pro: 259242

Talk to you tomorrow. x

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