Some thoughts for the confused about why I do what I do.

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Sometimes I think people are a bit confused about why I write so much about the culture wars. It's because it's my 'lane'. Here's some thoughts on that.

It’s not exactly new that people are confused about me and what it is I do. For as long as I have been writing on the Internet (going on 25 years now), I have had an almost obsessive interest in the social and political impacts of this new shiny thing called the Internet. I’ve personally grappled with my own persona, and the idea that we are all public figures now. I’m writing a book. I have a large body of work, spanning decades, on this topic, and have pretty much been a crash-test dummy for the information revolution.

I study the Internet. I have always studied the Internet. I am an expert on its interpersonal, psychological and political impact. I write with a personal and casual style, because I want my work to be accessible and engaging, but I am still a researcher/analyst.

I thought that was clear.

It would appear that it needs explaining again.

Unfortunately, and no matter how many times I say it, I think people are still confused. They conflate my professional/academic specialty of an emerging phenomenon with a lot of moving parts (unintended consequences of the True Fans principle creating actual cults, how well-intentioned UX & marketing psychology, community building and CX work has led to filter-bubbles & radicalisation with pretty dire political consequences), with my activism.

Ask me a deceptively simple question like “so, what’s going on with J.K. Rowling?” and it takes hours to explain just one facet. This is my life’s work. I’m working hard to try and drill it all down to bite-sized content, but that requires time and money and resources that I don’t have. I wish I did. I do this all for the love of it and because I think it is important.

A big factor in Wokism gaining dominance, is largely that it has made itself completely impenetrable to the vast majority of people, and almost impossible to argue without looking evil or crazy.

Trump tried in the debate, and unfortunately, ended up as both. Sigh.

To even start, first up, you need bulletproof boundaries, and the ability to spot emotional manipulation. You need an advanced understanding of the political system and history. You really need to understand your theory. You need an understanding of several disciplines at roughly 3rd year undergrad level.

You need experience with policy, law, organising, campaigning and lobbying and how that process can be corrupted. You need to know your Marx, your Dworkin, your Chomsky, your Foucault and your Butler. You need to know your Greer and all of your Feminist theory. You need to understand Intersectionality and why that’s a thing. That is important. You also need to understand the context of all of this and it’s tense relationship with the Hard Sciences and Materialists.

You need to be able to recognise entryism/infiltration and other political tactics. You need to know social policy and trends across a number of countries, and how Wokism has attached itself to genuine social movements worldwide. You need to know about US Foreign Policy and Cultural Hegemony and the tensions in France post-USSR. You need to know Securitization Theory and Cybersecurity and Cyberterrorism and Military PsyOps…. you need to know child development and adolescent behaviour. You need to know your DSM V and your “basic” biochemistry and medicine (lol). You need to know the different schools of thought and how they clash across every single issue that has been impacted.

You need an understanding of the role that corporations and the business incentives around content/branding and PR, and the push for corporate social responsibility, and how “diversity and inclusion” has been misused so that to question the ideology means to question the cause.

And that’s just for fucking feminism and gender, let alone race, environment, disability and the range of other social justice issues that have been tainted by Critical Theory.

Oh yeah, you also need Media Studies, Semiotics, Persuasion and Propaganda, Neuroscience, Critical Thinking, Logic, Epistemology, Ethics, History, Anthropology, English, Politics, Psychology, Biology, Marketing, Journalism, Public Relations, Economics, Finance… oh yeah and it also helps to understand how Facebook ads and micro-targeting and moderation and big tech algorithms work, including SEO and digital marketing funnels. An ad agency at this point is also helpful.

Then, there’s the coercion, the linguistic tricks, sleights of hand, emotional manipulation and propaganda techniques that would get Goebbels doing the chicken dance in no time.

Oh yeah, and you need to be able to navigate extremely dense theory on all these things (ugh).

Are you exhausted yet? Try doing this only to be called a ‘bigot’.

To be a critic or questioner of Wokism is inherently crazy-making, because it gaslights, manipulates and bullies you into compliance and self-doubt every step of the way, even if you do all of the work that I have mentioned above. It is designed so that it is easier to go along with it, and if you don’t, you end up in the fight of your life.

That’s called Thought Reform.

So, the crazy is built in. Your life is more peaceful if you go along with it. In order to fight it, you have to be insanely informed, insanely politically savvy, and even if you have all of that, insanely committed to receiving death and rape threats and able to withstand harassment, de-platforming and being hauled into HR and potentially fired for liking a tweet or making a joke.

And ideally, you need to be a beloved author and/or billionaire. That also helps.

Obviously, people don’t understand the work I’m doing. It’s definitely niche, but it’s important. And it’s a job. I feel like I am working with a Magic Eye Painting 24/7, trying to get people to see the sailboat. I am constantly moving it around, shifting the light, getting you to squint and tilt your head until you finally see the sailboat. Oh, and that sailboat is hurtling towards us all, on fire, and about to explode if we don’t start seeing it now and address it.

There is always a fine line between ground-breaking research in an emerging and complex area, and a crazy board. It is not fair to lump researchers in with crackpots. I assure you that I am the former. I am just way ahead of everyone else and up against… well… a lot.

I wish that I could get funded to perform all this research (if anything just so that I am seen as legitimate) but I have stumbled on something that is not only incredibly corrupt and dangerous, but incredibly powerful. I’m not a journalist. I am stuck, just chipping away at a YouTube channel in my “spare” time, and hopefully, one day, a book or three.

I’d love to be a full time author, but there is only one way to get paid to write these days, and that is by being a soldier in the US culture wars. No University will touch me, because I can’t find a PhD supervisor who isn’t balls deep in Postmodernism (which is what I critique). Not to mention PhDs are expensive and a full time commitment around work and family. I’d love a book deal, but I have to do it without funding, because first time authors don’t get advances.

So, I’m stuck, but I do it anyway, because I feel it is important. Something is better than nothing, so I write Facebook posts and Twitter threads as much as possible to get my thoughts out quickly, so that at least I can say I said it and there’s a record. Because a hefty number of dudes like running with my ideas and pretending they didn’t. You know, merit. All that hustle.

Anyway, all I’m asking is that you try to see the things I post as analysis and ideas, not me being crazy or “radicalised” (whatever the fuck that means… I research radicalisation!). I am just working with what little resources I have, in an emerging and complex phenomenon that crosses about 15 disciplines in order to even describe, that very few people understand, in a world where even uttering a question about it gets you cancelled and punished and called crazy or worse.

It’s literally like this thing was manufactured in a lab, taking all the lessons from every failed totalitarian regime, fused with capitalism, big tech, pharma and patriarchy to make a Frankenstein’s monster that somehow sees brightly coloured hair as part of the dress code. I still don’t understand that. Yeah, that’s the funny part.

I’m acutely aware of how single-minded I look, but that is because this is important. It’s my life’s work. I reiterate: this is my area of professional expertise and I am trying to write books that actually make a difference.

So, I am not saying it flippantly when I say that:

  1. Online cults are an unintended consequence of Human-Centred Design thinking, user-centred algorithms and are a serious threat to our political systems;
  2. Wokism is the biggest threat right now (and therefore my focus), because it is an ideology that rationalises violence and utilises Fair Game-style tactics under the guise of social justice issues. It also has the institutional power, financial backing and dodgy financial interests. It is the ideology currently responsible for most of the threats and harassment (and a big part of their strategy is to invent/demonise a boogeyman ‘Alt Right’ or ‘Russia’ or ‘TERF’ or ‘-phobe’, so take their claims regarding those with a hefty grain of salt. Look at J.K. Rowling’s piece. Then the responses. It ain’t right.);
  3. We are ill-equipped to deal with this threat, as law and policymakers have been asleep for a decade with US-dominated Big Tech, and these tools now have the ability to destroy lives, communities and entire nations with no accountability/recourse;
  4. Critical Theory is a deeply problematic and totalitarian framework and it has the potential to go completely off the rails if not kept in check and put back into the sandbox of universities;
  5. United States political culture, Cultural Hegemony and US Foreign Policy in particular is a significant root cause in a lot of this (hence Chomsky);
  6. Dark Money is a massive problem in every country, and Facebook (with the help of digital agencies) is an easy way to ‘launder’ said money. There is little scrutiny over ad spend and how it is managed, and the massive network of tech companies and agencies that can hide money and radicalise and misuse data. The law has not kept up with this and it is ripe for abuse.
  7. There is one dominant narrative that is not being at all truthful, and not even trying to hide it, but because their opposition is so repugnant, they are getting away with it. I believe it is much more sinister than anything Trump does. Yes. The Democrats.
  8. As a result (and this is where it overlaps with my activism), one of many grim outcomes of this ideology is that they’re performing mastectomies on girls as young as 12, who are largely on the Autism spectrum and there appears to be a social contagion among teenage girls known as Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, that is coming under increasing scrutiny by concerned clinicians.

I’ll shout about ROGD until my dying breath and lobby everyone I possibly can, because what is happening is just WRONG.

And this is the activism part.

Mastectomies on healthy kids using suicide as a threat because of what they have learned online should be a slam dunk argument, because it is preposterous, but this sits as just one example of people in the grip of a cult and not thinking clearly. The mass-hysteria over diversity & inclusion and ‘kind-washing’ of well-intentioned corporate dullards, means if you question it, you are (so far, figuratively, but…) burned at the stake.

PS. Talking about women’s rights is not transphobic. It is talking about WOMEN’S RIGHTS. Women’s rights are under threat in a way we haven’t seen since the suffragettes.

Gender is just one pillar of Critical Theory, and just one dimension of my work. Race is another, but I don’t really touch that because it’s not my place. But, do know that the same twisted logic is occurring around all these issues and it is very serious.

Every Western institution has been captured – in varying degrees – by the totalitarian political cult of Wokism. The centre-left political parties turn a blind eye and capitulate to the very generous donors who are pushing this insane and sinister ideology.

The mainstream US media is manufacturing child consent and gaslighting all of us into accepting this new batshit ideology. If you know your Chomsky, replace the Military-Industrial Complex with a Politico-Media-Pharma-Tech Ubercomplex, and the Fifth Filter with “Alt Right/Hate/TERF” and you’ll understand.

In other words, for the last time, I am NOT fucking Alt Right or radicalised or crazy or a TERF or a transphobe. I am a researcher of the political impacts of the internet and a feminist. That’s it.

Well, also a smart-arse but you can be funny and smart, folks.

I’m just building on Chomsky and studying in my FIELD OF EXPERTISE.

And you’re fortunate enough to be watching me work through my thoughts as I am doing important work.

So, in summary, I am an expert talking about complex issues. I am unfunded and independent, because I want to do it properly, without being compromised. I have no way of monetising beyond consulting or maybe doing courses or lectures. I have no book deal or sponsors. I freelance with select clients to fund this work, because I am not wealthy enough to just go and do a PhD or take a year off to write a book. Which means I then have less time to do this work.

I work around the clock for what often feels like massive personal and financial cost, bucket-loads of shit, and no credit. I’m not fueled by anything other than intellectual curiosity and solving the problem, and wanting to do groundbreaking work. I’m told constantly what my motivations are: hate. By the very cult members I am trying to help, and to try and save the political ‘left’. I have lost my daughter to this shit because of this sudden extrapolation from professional interests to personal qualities. I get death and rape threats for simply doing my job.

I write all this here in the vague hope that one day, I might actually get some recognition, even if I don’t have a PhD or a book (Yet! Soon!), or don’t have the right pedigree or groin appendages to have an opinion that actually gets heard. It’s why I have spent a year trying to get over my camera and mic fright and to become a better speaker. Nobody works as hard as I do on this topic and I am not even going to get a doctorate at the end, let alone riches. I am hated for doing my job when I could just shut up, go back to corporate gigs at $300 per hour and sit pretty. But I don’t. I do this because it is right. And it is important.

I’m not interested in tribal wars. I am not a fucking Trump supporter, for fuck’s sake. I am an analyst. And furthermore, I fucking know what I am talking about.

So, if you can’t tell the difference between me exploring arguments within my discipline, and just talking shit, well, I suggest maybe you need to listen to what I have to say more than anyone.

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