How being “nice” will destroy us all.

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You may have seen me openly mocking Pronouns Day, thinking "oh, what a terrible hateful person she is". Well, you can believe that. That is your right. It is also my right to mock them, and this is where I explain to you that what may look like "punching down", is actually delivering a spectacular left hook straight in the guts of some powerful bullies.

Today is “International Pronouns Day”.

You’ve probably been told that respecting pronouns is simply a matter of respect, or being nice, or even ‘mandatory’.

You may have seen me openly mocking it, thinking “oh, what a terrible hateful person she is”.

Well, you can believe that. That is your right. It is also my right to mock them and not believe in it and be able to say so, and this is where I explain to you that what may look like “punching down”, is actually delivering a spectacular left hook straight in the guts of some powerful bullies.

…. k.

Let me explain why.

I have mentioned this before on video, but here is a concept you should become more familiar with:

Stealth Authoritarianism.

a.k.a. The devil is in the details

What does it mean to “be kind”? Or have a “good life”? Or even be a “good person”?

The vast majority of us are good people. I think I am, contrary to what those on the side of kindness (who send me death and rape threats) like to tell me.

I am sure that, like me, you just want to get your shit done, go for a walk, have a laugh, hang out with friends, eat some food, watch some TV, have a drink or three or ten and be allowed to live your life.

You don’t want to hurt anyone, or upset anyone, or cause anyone deliberate harm, so if that means going along with something that’ll help someone have a better day, you’ll do it to be nice.

You just want to be left alone and be free and want that for everyone else, right?


The thing that you probably don’t understand – and certainly take for granted – are the foundations, mechanisms, processes and systems that allow that to happen. The Gender movement, is not just about politeness, but an attempt to subvert all of our boundaries, freedoms and even our thoughts. No, I am not joking. Which is pretty funny.

Despite all the spectacle and hot takes and rhetoric and shitfights on Twitter, it is well established that the vast majority of people – whilst having a lot of feelings and opinions on things, generally are unfamiliar with how government works. Even if you know a tiny slice, you generally don’t know much about the other parts, unless you study all of it (i.e. political science).

  • People don’t know the difference between branches of government and their responsibilities.
  • People don’t understand underpinning concepts such as separation of church and state, or separation of powers.
  • People don’t understand the role of the courts, or the role of the houses of parliament.
  • People don’t understand how these interact, why they are set up the way they are, or all of the nitty gritty procedural stuff that goes into living together on this planet.

Most importantly, people have absolutely no clue how fragile all of this is, if we don’t all follow certain rules – that – whilst far from perfect – largely work when everyone adheres to the social contract. This is why – largely – anything other than democracy (“agree to disagree”) is the only system that works.

Well, so long as totalitarians, whack jobs, corporations and extremists don’t try to subvert it to corrupt it, that is. In this case… we’ve got all four joining forces.

Listen to the experts, but also… don’t. But do. But don’t.

If there is one thing you need to know among all of the boring things, it is that our systems exist for a reason. We’ve settled on varying flavours of “democracy” for a reason. We have experts, but they work within a democratic pluralist structure, so that no one person or group or idea gets too much power. This is by design. It generally ends badly and people tend to die. Pretty much 100% of the time.

Think of all the background stuff that goes into a parent telling a young toddler to stop trying to climb on the roof. You don’t tell them your reasoning – that there are any number of potential consequences, based on previous experience, that tells you that allowing a toddler to climb up on the roof is a bad idea. You simply say “don’t do that”, and up until recently, you, as the more knowledgeable and experienced person in that interaction would have the final word.

Or, think about an all-too-familiar scene: your 14 year old daughter is flailing and screaming at you for not letting her “hang out with her friends”. You, as parent, have said no, because, as it turns out, she left out some details, that party is in Bali and a bunch of seedy older men are paying for it. She’ll scream at you, call you names, but, because you have more knowledge and experience and have their best interests at heart, it was considered good parenting to say “no”.

But, she’s still claiming that you are being ‘abusive’ because you won’t let her go to Bali with some dirty old men.

It’s the stuff that is left out that matters here.

But I am also that parent, saying, “hey, we really shouldn’t let this happen”.

What lies beneath

So, what you see is me mocking people’s “Preferred Pronouns” like an arsehole.

What I see is me, using the right tool (mocking), with precision, against a group of humourless bullies who are pushing for something extremely sinister and not being honest about what it is they’re signing people up for.

Potato, tomato.

Most people, if asked nicely, will likely use pronouns. I would too if it was just about that. Don’t care, whatever. Wear a dress, whatever. So long as you hide your boner, I really don’t care.

The thing is, we aren’t being asked. We are being coerced into accepting the entire premise on which an entire belief system and house of cards is built, which is totalitarian, destructive, and … well… sinister as fuck.

“Preferred Pronouns” are to Wokism what the Personality Test is for Scientology, or taking a copy of the Watchtower from Jehovah’s Witnesses. It seems benign. But, opening that door is the first incremental step towards the crazy shit underneath.

Because politeness only gives their cult (and it is a cult) an ‘in’.

See, you need to be aware of the slippery language when it comes to things like Pronouns Day, or “Trans Women are Women” or other instances where you are expected to ignore facts, or give up your own boundaries, or self-censor in order to be “polite”.

Aside from the fact that “be nice” has been used as a weapon against literally every woman who ever spoke her mind ever… it will be the end of us all.

We need to stop being “nice” and start being honest and authentic from a kind place. Because you know who else uses “niceness” as a weapon?

Abusers. Bullies. Liars. Manipulators. Bad guys. Human Resources.

This is the sleight of hand. Under immense social pressure, you are expected to say “Trans Women are Women” – which – for most people obviously means “yes, I will treat you as a woman if it helps you feel better because I’m not a jerk”, not “Trans Women are literally women“. They then exploit that gap to then arguethat in all instances in law, where “woman” is a protected class – such as prisons, rape shelters, clubs, sports etc – that most people believe that “Trans Women are Women” and that anyone who doesn’t is a bigot and a Nazi who deserves rape and death threats?

See how this works?

This is called “Loaded Language“.

They’re basically taking the piss because you know that’s not what we meant, mate. Fuck off. Which is how it makes people like me look “unkind” or “mean”, because I am aware of the traps and don’t fall for it.

Clever, aren’t they? Say someone has to be anti-racist. Can’t refuse that, can they? Yep, sorry, I can. Doesn’t work.

It is the very first step towards accepting the premise that ends with men in women’s prisons and sports, girls as young as 12 having mastectomies, men in court arguing that children can consent, and anyone who questions it being subjected to the most heinous threats and abuse, having their lives destroyed, because they’re a “bigot”.

If you really think about the stuff you are being told, none of the language is clear. It’s not clearly defined. It is not precise. It is emotive. It is loaded. This is on purpose, because it is a Trojan horse for some seriously sinister shit, that continuously gets brushed off as an overreaction (gaslighting), rather than legitimate concerns based on facts. And politicians, leaders, and charity groups are all pushing for this opaque, loaded language in law.

Personality test. It’s just a personality test. What are you? A Bigot?

Beware those who will not be clear and precise.

In the law, definitions really matter. Roe v Wade was fought on the meaning of a few words. With one poorly worded law, people (in this case women and children) suffer. Again, this is mostly because people think a) that if something is illegal, people won’t do it and b) nobody would misuse the law when they know what it meant and c) some imaginary idea that the Police and justice system play fair (but only when it suits them, of course…).

Well, hate to break it to you, but as a former child protection worker, I will tell you now that concepts like “children cannot consent” are challenged in the courts every single day. Abusers misuse the Family Court every single day to get back at their exes. People try their luck on technicalities all the time. In fact, accountants build their entire livelihoods on testing their luck and arguing their case. Jessica Yaniv. Karen White. Lily Madigan. Laurel Hubbard, and so on and so forth.

This is why, in matters of public policy, the law and its language MUST be precise and MUST consider all potential unintended consequences before it is passed. It is fundamental.

Politicians know this.

And yet, trans activists are arguing against precision and deflecting and bullying and destroying anyone asking for clarity.

Why? I dunno. Lots of money and power in it I guess.

This is what is happening with the switch between gender and sex in law. Taking advantage of the confusion, and the premises of “trans women are women” meaning “trans women are literally women in law”, and from “please can you refer to me as she” as a courtesy to “misgendering someone can lead to jail”. Yes. That is true (even if slightly exaggerated in certain corners). It is still important to watch for the concept creep, because it is in these gaps where the opportunists, the psychopaths, the stalkers, the creeps, the paedophiles, and the people with no shame, tend to hang out (Or, become male feminists :-)).

So, whilst I am happy to try and find solutions that make life better for everyone, I will not back down. You MUST be alert to what is going on. Please understand that – right now – whilst it might be the “nice” thing to do, what you are doing is giving legitimacy to a totalitarian movement that is trying to intimidate us into silence, to pass vague and irresponsible law, with anyone requesting transparency and clarity being harassed and abused and destroyed.

All so a bunch of billionaires get richer. Read your Chomsky.

Meanwhile, an entire generation of kids are put on experimental drugs, with young girls having their breasts bound up and even removed. Rape shelters are being hounded and defunded. Domestic abusers are able to terrorise their ex-wives and children.

Therefore, if you want to understand the sleight of hand that is going on:

“It’s a matter of respect/politeness”.

No, it is a coercive control tactic, using emotional manipulation and social pressure to get us to accept terminology, based on a untruths, that asks us to deny our senses and facts, and gaslights anyone who has doubts or seeks clarity/asks questions.

“It’s just about rights and dignity”.

No, it is about biological men who can fill out a form (Self-ID) and get access in women’s and girls spaces, no questions asked. It is not about trans people – they are hiding behind them and lying to you. If they were being honest, they would have a conversation and seek clarity and consensus, not bully and gaslight critics into compliance like every male abuser since the beginning of time.

Women’s rights are imploded. Children’s rights are imploded. Women’s right to consent is effectively under threat, and children’s ability to legally consent is enshrined. Jesus, learn some fucking law.

“If you don’t respect pronouns, you’re a bigot”.

Nar. Try again. That doesn’t work on me. Why don’t you tell everyone what’s actually going on, and answer my actual questions: do you think women have the right to say no to biological males in their spaces? Do you think that clothes and “feelings” are what make you a woman? Do you think that young girls should be in changerooms with an intact male?

Why won’t you answer? Oh, looks like you’ve blocked me and are telling others to harass me.

Well, answer my questions. And learn some fucking manners.

And get off the fucking roof.


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