The notes power doesn’t play, and the words power doesn’t say. That’s the take away.

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I’ve talked quite a bit about the Disinformation Playbook, and I will be deep diving into some of that in coming weeks.

Once you see this stuff, you see it everywhere. Whether it is Seaspiracy, CNBC, Twitter, or even a fluff piece about the Pentagon’s memes… remember: nothing is ever leaked without someone wanting you to know it. And publications like VICE don’t publish a piece without a call-to-action.


Read the #GME Subreddit:​

Read more about Nudges & Choice Architecture (affiliate)​

So, questions to ask yourself:

What is left out of this?
What action do they want me to take?
How am I being nudged/persuaded?
Why did they pay someone to write this?
Who benefits from me believing this?
What is the underlying choice architecture/design?