April 22, 2006

A whole new meaning to the phrase “Big Daddy”.

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Posted 16 years ago
by Téa Smith

Last night we were subjected to this weird swarm of flying termites that pummeled our house. They flew through the bathroom window, and, in the space of about 3 minutes, they had all shed their wings and god knows where they went. Anyway.

The bathroom was suddenly filled with thousands of wings, which we had to sweep up. Apparently its a common thing. Jason swept them up and we moved on.

Fast forward to about 1am. We went bed and, thinking the kids were asleep, well, got some action.

Afterwards, I walked out to the bathroom to — um — clean up — and I hear this little voice.

“Dad did REALLY well didn’t he Mum?”

What the fuck?

“Why, Mina?”

“He cleaned up the moths from the bathroom”.

“Uhh, yes. Go back to sleep.”

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