We need to talk about the gentrification of the left.

Some time ago, around 2016, I threw myself into an online “debate” that, in retrospect, I wasn’t prepared for. As a lifelong lefty and feminist, I saw a sudden shift in the way people were interacting with each other online, particularly around feminism and politics. It had turned ugly. Admittedly, the internet has always been […]

‘Dying by the Sword’ Chapter 2 – Progress update

So, I know I was going to be releasing Chapter 2 some time ago… but life and work and illness etc has gotten in the way. That said, I am letting you know that Chapter 2 will be ready in the next few weeks. I promise! It’s close!  This was actually the hardest Chapter to […]

Stranger Than Fiction

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Don’t let the comedy fool you. As funny as Wokes are, we must take them seriously. Yes. I know. It’s difficult. They’re ridiculous. At least the Nazis put on a decent suit. But… don’t be fooled.

When you’re being ‘gaslit by fuckfaces’.

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Heh. That’s what Jimmy Dore called it and so I thought I’d share my thoughts on this. This is a stream of consciousness that started on Facebook about why Trump is going to win, and why it looks like he’s the lesser of two evils. Yeah, I’m surprised too.

This will end badly (and the trope of not tolerating intolerance)

This is a Facebook post that I am putting up here… I will try to write more on this stuff, but am frantically busy with client work (and woefully behind and owing you all a chapter!). — This will 100% end badly.  First – the chilling rewriting of internet history in this article is concerning. […]

It’s a good system.

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You can believe whatever the fuck you want. Just leave everyone else alone and don’t impose your beliefs on others in law, or trample on my rights and we’re all good. Your rights end where mine begin.

On “conspiracy theories”.

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I have been watching tech companies start to censor groups such as QAnon, and I will tell you now: This is bad. This impacts us all. Yep, I am going to defend QAnon. Not because I agree with them, but precisely because I don’t. We have a major problem with Big Tech, of which QAnon […]

To those who think I’m ‘obsessed’.

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First up, I talk about this because it is my discipline. People seem to forget that I am researching this shit. But here’s a little Facebook rant. If more people spoke the truth, I wouldn’t have to. If more people paid attention, I wouldn’t have to keep bringing stuff to your attention. If more people […]

Ask me anything Friday

‪Thinking of doing an AMA video tomorrow. If anyone cares? 😂 ‬ Ask me a question (here or DM or email tea@teasmith.com.au and I’ll try to answer. ‬

That super duper new friend that sees you as a “hot lead”

I’m going to be covering this a lot in the coming weeks, but here is something useful. In the lead-up to the US Election, and in these confusing and unprecedented times, stay on guard. If you make a nice new friend that is an “activist” right now, and they are trying to recruit you to […]

On-stream Brainfart Corrections, 1/infinity

Hey all, I was re-reading some Twitter docs for some upcoming stuff and I realised I have made a mistake.  I can’t remember which stream it was, but I said on-stream that Twitter had a “Co-CEO”. This is not the case. I was referring the Twitter’s board, who had the Co-CEO of another company on […]

Would you be interested in a course on disinformation & propaganda?

I’m wondering out loud if people/patrons would be interested in me breaking down how disinformation from both sides is made & spreads? And the tactics etc? I assume knowledge but maybe some back to basics stuff might be good? I assume that most people who follow me know some of the basic media literacy stuff […]

Streaming for UK

Streaming later so that UK peeps can join in live 🙂 Still not sure what I;m talking about… will probably be Red Bull, Kanye etc Join me!

A preview of the book chapters & progress

After releasing Chapter One, I am pushing through to get Chapter Two done, but thought I would show you roughly the flow of the book. These are just working titles/writing prompts/key themes but yes, I totally have a plan and good progress.

Dying by the Sword CHAPTER IS HERE

GUESS WHAT. Currently just in ePub and PDF as Kindle format has some fuckery, but I will tinker with formats as I go. Also, the navigation on the ePub file is being a prick. But it’s ready. Thank you. I am going to go spew. EDIT: Okay, I know I was supposed to only make […]

A Twitter Black Swan Event is going down.

Hi all, I was supposed to finish Chapter 1 today, and was going to stream, but the Twitter “hack” is a major and potentially catastrophic event that requires me to sit down and do some investigative stuff. I have been saying for some time that there is some internal fuckery/corruption at Twitter and hypothesised that […]

Replay of [Daily Live] The Cancellation of Noam Chomsky 😂

This one is firmly in the LOL pile.  With absolutely no self-awareness, the Woke Stasi are digging up dirt on every person who signed an article, co-signed by a number of very clever people and tweeting trying to cancel them all. Including known far right philosopher Noam Chomsky.  This is so meta I can barely […]

Live Replay of today’s video (1 July 2020).

[Daily Live] On Reddit, Big Tech, ‘Hate’ and the Thought-Terminating Censors I’m back doing Daily Streams! In this show, I am talking about the “2000 groups banned for hate”, BLM, Antifa, Anti-Racism and all the other orgs that are using good people and good causes to do terrible things.  Join me at 10am. Admittedly I […]

One Year of YouTube!

Realised this morning that I’ve been doing YouTube for a year.  My first live stream was SO bad! Now, I have Patrons and regular viewers and I hit the 1000 subscribers mark which is pretty fucking unreal. Seriously though, if you’re afraid, look at my progress. I spent 8 months wanting to puke from fear. […]

An update

Hi all, Thanks so much for your support (and patience) whilst I get all this up and happening. It’s been pretty crazy, with Graham’s ban (Graham Linehan, creator of The IT Crowd & Father Ted – interviews here and here), the book chapter and finally creating some IP for businesses, community managers and admins on […]

The Verboten – Episode 7 – James ‘Grim’ Desborough

James “Grim” Desborough is a game designer, author, YouTuber, and expert on Gamergate. He is the author of “Inside Gamergate: A Social History of the Gamer Revolt”, which he wrote as a participant on the “other side” of the Gamergate controversy.   I talked to Jim about the lead up to that, how the original […]

My interviews with Graham Linehan for The Verboten

Here’s my 2 interviews with Graham Linehan that I did this week. I tried to talk a bit more about comedy but you know, we also have to talk about the elephant in the room! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7-i5utqR3k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg60mBO0CYc

Quick update

Hi all, First up, thank you so much for your support. Every bit helps, and I don’t take ANY of it for granted. Especially now in this… errr…. unprecedented and confusing time that I hope finds you well. 😉 I have been working on a lot of stuff lately. I want to phase out doing […]