Clients with Commitment Issues: Why the Agency May Not be the Problem.

Are you thinking about leaving your Agency? Why? Reflect for a second, because it might not be their fault. You, the client, might have created this. I am the first to talk about dodgy Agencies who have mastered the art of style over substance. A lot, in fact. In a sales pitch, they’ll love bomb […]

Baby ‘Digital Strategists’: You Are Not Gods.

I know, strange title. But I want to talk about a problem in our industry, which is juniors starting digital agencies and exploiting the (apparent) ignorance of some clients. People with no experience opening content management agencies, and bamboozling people with buzzwords and non-strategic “content” over actual strategy. I am not talking about freelancing. I […]

Marketing Myth #1: Digital is cheaper than traditional media.

This is a new series that addresses the common “Digital Strategist”/SEO cowboy myths, that will hopefully help you to be aware of red flags when choosing an agency to work with. I hope this is of value, and if there is anything specific you would like me to answer/address, get in touch. Digital Marketing is […]

Get real: moving beyond personas and into empathy with your customers.

Ah, empathy. The word that everyone talks about, and thinks they have, but very few are actually able to put into practice. Empathy, not to be confused with sympathy, is being able to sit in someone else’s shoes, and feel the way they feel about a certain situation. Empathy is feeling without judgement. Sympathy, on […]

5 reasons your digital strategy is failing (and how to fix it).

*What The Fuck Fuck My Life What Am I Doing This isn’t Working The digital marketing industry is not like it once was. In 2010, it was straightforward: you built a website, you invested in some SEO, you posted to Facebook and it all ticked along. You could play it safe and act like a robot […]

Not-Boring Marketing: Be comfortable with risk and lean into fear.

You may have realised by now that I don’t do boring. I don’t do generic. I definitely do not do safe marketing. I work with my clients to break through some of their fears around standing out, and encourage them to take more risks in the drive to be more authentic and not-boring. Of course, […]

Business Owners: A Little Bit Nutty.

Business is a pressure cooker. Even for those that don’t have mental health issues — starting a business will take every piece of emotional energy you have, and then ask you for more. It is not for the faint hearted. It will scare the shit out of you. It will also delight you. The wins will be […]

Entrepreneurs: It is Okay to Complain.

Running a business is lonely. Sometimes it really isn’t the party everyone thinks it is. Even if you are lucky to have a lot of support around you, sometimes you can feel like people don’t *get it*. “Why don’t you just get a job!” “You must be so happy not having a boss!” “I wish […]

On why Ad Blocking is Immoral.

Okay, first up, calm down. I am sure you are a good person. I am sure that you use Ad Blockers for all the right reasons. I know you Redditors and certain self-righteous subsets of the Internet community will get all up in my face about how advertising is evil, it’s about protecting your privacy, […]

Facebook’s Boring Tax: How the Newsfeed Changes Affect Your Business Page.

If you have been listening to me for the last few years, good news, you’re pretty much prepared for the changes that Facebook are making to the Newsfeed, specifically with deprioritising Brand Page posts. This is fantastic news for Users, and in line with what I have suspected to be their strategy for some time: […]

The qualities of a good UX Designer

With technology being increasingly cheaper, quicker to implement and easier to use, the barrier to entry is low for anyone with an idea. With that, there are more competitors, and many businesses questioning the ROI of their digital spending. No more can businesses justify $100k on websites that are just pretty, with no consideration of […]

Let’s talk political parties (like it’s 1999)

Let me take you back, for a second, to 1999. No Twitter. No Facebook. Your parents didn’t know what an Internet was and they definitely did not happen upon your innermost thoughts or social life. Yes, I know, it’s a struggle to try and remember a time before the Like button and selfies and drinking […]

The world’s greatest parenting book

I’m going to release my own parenting book. My advice? 1. Keep ’em alive.2. Laugh & talk with them.3. When they’re sick, give them medicine to make them feel better.4. Happy parents, happy kids.5. Loving your kids is not about smothering them: it’s about being there when they need you. That’s it. Now available on […]

On Ideas.

Ideas and discussions about cool shit are wonderful, but at the end of the day, follow through & action is what counts. I thought of Spotify back in 1999. Did I create anything but a logo & a concept? No. I have 3 app ideas that someone else will probably develop before I can get […]

Eyes on your own plate.

Here’s a little epiphany I had whilst feeding ducks and watching a magpie trip over his face this morning: 6 months ago, I quit dieting for good and started listening to my body. I focused on what felt right (gluten restriction aside, obviously) TO ME, ate what I felt like eating and I let my […]

Pinterest People

Some of us are Pinterest people. Pinterest people are the people that will spend 20 minutes, per cookie, icing cookies. They look at a celebrity’s eye makeup and painstakingly learn how to replicate it, with 5 different eyeshadows and the correct brushes before leaving the house. Some of us are not Pinterest people. We buy […]

Think you aren’t sexy enough for Social Media? You’re wrong.

As much as it frustrates me that I am still, in 2013, having to convince people that social media is a thing, I accept that there are still a large number of people that don’t see how it is relevant to their business. There are many reasons for this, but often it is to do […]

Google & SEO: Move Beyond Keywords, Talk to People.

Oh, the horrors, you say. Yep, the time has come. You can’t avoid it anymore. You have to invest in social media as part of your “SEO strategy”, and if you don’t, it will affect your ranking on Google. I (and just about any other Social Media Strategist worth their salt) have been saying it […]

So, what’s in a “Like”, anyway?

If you listen in on any casual conversation between business owners about social media, before long a conversation about the number of Likes on a Page will come up. For some reason (well, not mysteriously, but a blog post in itself so let’s just go with ‘some reason’ :-)), people seem to love comparing the number […]

Why “Old Media” don’t “get it”.

Today, I wanted to share some standup comedy with my Facebook & Twitter friends. It was a 40 second clip from the first episode of “Louie” — Louis C.K’s brilliant show that I have told everyone, repeatedly, to watch. It is a very funny clip where he talks about the “Best Case Scenario” in relationships after divorce. […]

Social Media is Storytelling.

I spend most days studying, talking about, writing and thinking about the social psychology and human behaviour aspects of social media and the web. It’s my area of expertise and my passion. It is a topic that both intrigues me on an intellectual level and excites me on a personal one. I have been blogging […]

Remember: Words Have Power. And sympathy is not empathy.

Yes, I know. Another Charlotte Dawson post. Another social media person making commentary in order to get some Google Juice. Another person who has been the victim of online harassment speaking out. Another person sharing their story. I know you’re fatigued with the discussion, because so much has been said already, but hear me out. […]

Witnessing the Marriage Equality discussion…

Witnessing the Marriage Equality discussion, and a few others in the last few years since social media took off… makes me reflect on my Undergrad Politics classes.  We learned that 95% of the Australian public are apathetic to political discussion, not engaged, don’t even know how government works. We learned that engaging the electorate-at-large in […]

We are the 99% and we are douchebags too.

I have a genuine dilemma about the 99% movement… On one hand, I agree with the sentiment, in principle. On the other, I consider it to be ignoring one big point: That people are selfish, irrespective of the economic base it comes from. Greed & individualism, at the expense of human compassion, are our enemy. […]

You Really Want to Know?

I just want to say a few things about the ridiculous RUOK Campaign. Despite the best of intentions, unless you are prepared for the following answer: “No, actually, I am not OK. My life has fed me a shit sandwich since the day I was born and it continues to get worse. The only reason […]

Dear Grandma: A birthday blog letter

Dear Grandma Chris, I know it seems odd that I would be writing to you, seeing as your ashes are sitting in my storage locker and, well, you’re not alive anymore. In fact, I am certain that there will be a group of people who will question my mental health by writing to a ghost. […]

Blog Action Day Post: Water. aka Lawns are Stupid and Here’s Why.

This years Blog Action Day post was initially a little bit of a challenge. I live in urban Australia, where clean drinking water is plentiful and wasted. I am tremendously lucky. So lucky that I, and those around me, take it for granted every single day. I used to work for the government in Essential […]