July 2, 2003

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Posted 19 years ago
by Téa Smith

Over the next follow pages you will read comments, see pictures and no doubt hear many compaints from people out there that seem to have no lives, struggle to cope with daily life as they spiral out of control, and find refuge in an online world to get comfort and retreat from their daily life.

After searching around the web, researching if you will, to find the worlds worst parents. I came across a few websites, which people have happily put up for the world to see how bad they can be. Below is a quote from one of the authors of their own website, who decided it was a good idea to let the world know just what their 5 yr old child said to them. If your child is saying this to you at 5 then, is the train already starting to derail? Why did the child say it? do they mean it, or was it just a passing thought as all 5 yr olds have? i dont recall telling my mother i would shoot her EVER! Makes you stop and think of what kind of enviroment the child is being brought up in if they says things like that….

Blogger name : Tealou

Quote from website:

Something you never want to hear your 5 year old say to you… Sunday, June 25th, 2006

“Mum, I hate you so much I want to shoot you”

Apparently not buying a Dora toy is a crime that is punishable with death by firing squad.

Nice. “

Yet although this fine parenting specimen has been told by her 5 yr old she will be shot for not buying a toy, she has the audacity to comment and give advice on other peoples parenting skills.

Another fine example of parenting and making it known to the world to prove how great you arent:-

Thursday, June 15th, 2006

Sitting here, working, I hear a scream from Mina’s room.

“MUM! There’s something WRONG! Oh no!”

“What is it Mina?”

Given the urgency of her voice, I am thinking that, I dunno, the door fell off the hinge or something — or she has split her head open again (actually, now I think of it, the head injury was much less urgent).

Seems that if your child splits their head open, there are more urgent things to be done! Perhaps things like being online and slagging off other parents telling them how things should be done and how they should not make comments unless they are nice ones of course.

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