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On Ideas.

Ideas and discussions about cool shit are wonderful, but at the end of the day, follow through & action is what counts. I thought of

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Pinterest People

Some of us are Pinterest people. Pinterest people are the people that will spend 20 minutes, per cookie, icing cookies. They look at a celebrity’s

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Marriage takes compromise. I decided we should get a dog, Mina decided we should get a dog & Jules decided we should get a dog.

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A douche and a turd sandwich.

Tonight’s leadership debate has further proven the contempt that both major parties seem to have for the Australian people. They focused on vilifying refugees — the most

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The Big D.

I am going to a charity ball on Friday night for Lifeline. It’s the inaugural Black Diamond Ball and it is going to be great

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Mina: “ X Friend goes to basketball on Mondays, Girl Guides on Tuesdays, Netball on Wednesdays, dancing on Thursdays and gymnastics on Saturdays. Oh, and

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Before I talk about our holiday, I need to explain something. My husband does not do ‘impulsive’ terribly well. In fact, if you could describe

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I now understand what the song ‘Cry Me a River’ means. It’s definitely referring to the snot. After sobbing, numb for 20 minutes after that

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Getting my rant on.

There are people in this world who float through life. They work in jobs without purpose, slaving away for their small patch of land with

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