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The Saboteur…

Mina has always made up her own funny little songs. For as long as she’s been able to speak, she’s always made up funny little

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Why MySpace Sucks.

One of my MySpace friends just asked me why I think MySpace sucks. I always thought that it was something that is self-evident and obvious,

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Like an oven.

An exchange between Jason and I just now: Jason: “Everything you do and make is just better” Me: “Like the kids” Jason: “Well, I made

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Gee, you reckon?

Next up: Hitting your head with a hammer causes a sore head. Read the article here Extract: CHICAGO — Magazine headlines entice teenage girls with promises: “Get

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The Feminist.

Jules had a bit of a cough yesterday. He was playing as normal on the floor, and Mina was carrying her toy handbag. All of

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