August 13, 2006

Business as usual? Hardly.

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Posted 16 years ago
by Téa Smith

Hi all

I know I said I was abandoning this blog, but I figured that it was easier to post here because this is where people are reading.

Yes, I am home. No, I am not better and no, it is not business as usual. I am still in a lot of pain and still recovering.

A few people have mistakenly assumed that because I am home that I am suddenly “on” or “available” and that I can just continue where I left off. That is not the case. I still have a good month before I start to feel normal again. I can’t sit in one place for longer than about 40 minutes before I need to sit somewhere else. My head is foggy and I can’t really concentrate, and if I don’t reply on an IM, it is not because I am a bitch, it is because everyone jumps on me the second I go online.

I appreciate that people care, I really do, but I just can’t chat for long periods of time. I can’t concentrate enough to post a blog and as much as I want to, I can’t focus enough to do my Uni work or much else. So please, if I appear online, please don’t jump on me. And if I don’t reply, please don’t follow up or get pissed. Its the little things that upset me at the moment and the computer is my only source of outside world contact.

I love that everyone cares about me, but when I wake up having accidentally left Trillian on and there are 20 messages with “hello are you there” waiting for me, I am in pain, its just not a good start to my day. 🙂

So please, just be patient. Especially this week, as Jason is going back to work and I am here with the kids on my own and frankly I don’t know how I am going to cope. But, I should be fine as long as people are a bit more patient with me.

Thanks muchly 🙂


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