Bye Bye IE6, It’s (not) been fun.

Bye Bye IE6, It’s (not) been fun.
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Internet Explorer is the bain of any web designer’s existence. It has been twice superceded, it displays CSS poorly, and more often than not, many modern scripts just don’t work on it.

LinkArtist Multimedia, like other companies (including Apple & Google) are going to be proactive in killing it off. As of June 30, we are no longer going to support Internet Explorer 6 in any of our websites as standard. If your site requires Internet Explorer 6 testing & development, it will now add to the cost of your project.

As a client of LinkArtist, you now have 3 options:

1. Ignore IE6 (and hopefully it will go away!)

2. Install a script on your website that encourages people to upgrade their browser (or has a disclaimer that, because the site is being viewed on IE6, user experience may be different to how it was intended.)

3. Pay for additional development time for Internet Explorer development & testing.

Naturally, IE7 & 8 will still continue to be supported, as will Firefox, Safari & Chrome.

This has been a long time coming, folks… Remember Netscape, anyone? 🙂 It’s time to hold a funeral.

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