A really handy creative writing tool.

Write This!: an excellent creative writing exercise tool that gives random words and random situations to write around within a set timeframe. I have already written a few stories that I would have never thought of otherwise. Check it out!

Something quite cool

I have discovered WindowBlinds, a cool little utility that lets you skin XP. Being a Mac OSX wannabe, I thought it was only natural that I skin my XP with OSX. This is what it looks like.

Elite Theory in Australia [essay]

Not sure if anyone is interested in reading this, but I thought I would share an essay I wrote on Elite theory. It still needs some work (I got a bit lazy around the ending), but it might provoke someone’s interest 🙂 — It has been said that pluralism is one of the main characteristics of […]

Viva La Esperance!

I haven’t written for some time, as many of you may be aware (if anyone is still reading this at all…). I have had a bit of a change recently. I changed jobs, which took me 800km away from Perth, in a beautiful, postcard-esque town called Esperance. It is the first time I have lived […]

The Trash Talk FAQ

Q: Who is Téa? I am 26, female, and live in Perth, Western Australia. I am happily married to Jason, and mother to Mina, who at the time of writing is 3 1/2. I would like to say that I have direction in life, but I’d probably be lying. I studied Politics and Legal Studies […]


First off, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2004. I, for one, hope to have a better year than I did last year: I guess that’s really all we can hope for. Not dying and maybe trying to improve our lives a little bit from year to year. Not that I […]

The great Education swindle and other stories.

I don’t know if any of you have been following the debate lately about higher education reform, but it is an issue that I am particularly interested in. For the un-initiated, the main reforms involve allowing school leavers who do not get the marks to enter University to pay their way into a course. I […]

Happy Anniversary, baby…

Well, today marks the second anniversary of the September 11th attacks. I bet you weren’t aware of that, seeing as the media so often underplays that footage…and there is practically no commemorative spam…lol. I just got a CNN Breaking News message that says “[the] State Department warns of “increased indications” that al Qaeda is preparing […]

Welcome to the newly redesigned blog site :)

I am sorry I haven’t updated much (yet again), but I have been busy with uni work. However, I promise better quality posting from here on in. As you can see, I have implemented a book reviews page — to share some of my favourite books with you. I am putting an Amazon link up here, just […]

The Matrix versus the real world and soggy sandwiches..

Golly gosh, where do I begin? I haven’t written here for what — 2 months now? Despite my grand promises of updating every week, life inevitably gets in the way. And, whenever I do go to update, my Blog ideas end up being out of date. Let me fill you all in on the brilliant ideas I […]

Bitdotcomdotau-conscience post

Over the next follow pages you will read comments, see pictures and no doubt hear many compaints from people out there that seem to have no lives, struggle to cope with daily life as they spiral out of control, and find refuge in an online world to get comfort and retreat from their daily life. […]

Michael Jackon = Saddam Hussein?

As you all may have noticed, I haven’t written here for some time. It wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to write about, but because there has just been so much, and I am just *so* lazy :). Where on earth do I begin? In January, the last time I posted here, the world was only […]

Soccer Hoons

Its been a big week for sports this week. The Superbowl, the Australian Open, the Cricket…the Geelong bay cycling classic. And of course, the FA Cup. For those who are not aware, soccer riots are not particularly uncommon around the world. We often see it on the news: some club has lost, the fans start […]

Bowling for Columbine

It has been a while since I posted anything here, but I will try to post more from now on. There have been a few reasons why I wasn’t as enthusiastic about keeping this blog going. The main one was simply that I was too afraid to write! That may sound silly, but I will […]

Celebrity Gossip

Why is it that people only feel good about themselves if they are making another human being feel like a piece of rotten roadkill? I admit it, I do the same thing — sometimes I seem to get great satisfaction out of other people’s weaknesses. It is most certainly arrogance and cruelty on my part, fuelled by […]

Not a morning person, really.

Don’t talk to me in the morning. Don’t even look at me. I hate getting up at 6am. I hate the fact that going to bed at 9:30 (which is relatively early for me) and getting up at 6am still only means 8.5 hours sleep. This may seem trivial and self-indulgent (when isn’t it?), but […]


OK….well this seems to be working now! Its weird how hard it is to write when you feel the pressure! I was browsing the net today and found a couple of sites that might be of interest. The first one is www.bushwatch.com which is dedicated to my favourite world leader (AHEM!) George W. Bush. there […]