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International Women’s Day #iwd #iwd2022

Date: 29 February 2022From: Tallulah Smith (She/Her).To: @cookie (All Staff & Customers)Subject: International Women’s DayPriority: High — Hey there, babes, sluts and bimbos! As you know, being seen to support

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General Musings & Observations


I will only ever say what I mean, and if I mess up, own what I say. This is my record. This is my chance to be remembered.

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The qualities of a good UX Designer

With technology being increasingly cheaper, quicker to implement and easier to use, the barrier to entry is low for anyone with an idea. With that, there are more competitors, and

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You're too kind :-)

FYI, I run everything financial through the checkout on, which is my company. Don’t worry, it’s still me, it’s just easier for accounting for it to be all under that.

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