Daily Show: Where fact is belief and belief is fact.

Welcome to 2019.

Where a woman is currently in an Employment Tribunal in the UK, having to defend the fact that she believes that men and women are different.

Where everybody is distracted by Trump, and the Gender movement has infiltrated organisations to the point where an employer can fire a woman for holding gender critical views.

Nothing unusual if you’ve been following this issue, except, in this instance, it is significant, because, in the shitshow that is the questioning… the former Employer has (legit) admitted that it is policy to treat self-ID of sex AND RACE as fact. Including someone like Rachel Dolezal.

All those things that women have been saying – they called us hysterical. They call us emotional. They tell us we are being crazy and hyperbolic.

They are gaslighting us.

Because it is happening.

They used to burn witches. Then they locked us up for hysteria. Now, they accuse us of hate speech.

Welcome to 2019, where facts are beliefs, and beliefs are facts.


South Park's "satire" depicting transgender athletes beating female athletes was both unfunny & dangerous.Is it finally time to ban the series from television, streaming services and all other forms of media?

Posted by Journalist Excellence Worldwide on Friday, 15 November 2019
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