Digipolitik: Robots judging people: the problem with context, culture and profanity.

Currently working on getting the First Season of Digipolitik up and running, and playing with streams etc. This was an impromptu Facebook Live session where I show a real world example of the problem with algorithms, show you (sort of) what they are, and basically just riff, and try to land on some messaging.

I am excited about the podcast and look forward to this terrifying, exciting, and incredibly fulfilling journey I am about to go on 🙂

I have been in a battle with Twitter over the ability to promote tweets on my main Twitter account.

I tried to clean up my Twitter feed, and it worried me. Here are some thoughts.  I am currently researching and writing/prepping for the podcast, but this is a little teaser of where I am going. I just happened to stumble on this example today.

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