Doctors seek $675-a-week rise…

Doctors seek $675-a-week rise…
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To add insult to injury…

Doctors want an extra $675 a week. Well, whoopee. Since when have doctors been the only professionals that deserve a payrise in our public health system? Not only that, but $675 a week is more than the average nurse or social worker EARNS.

It’s an absolute joke. I don’t care if I piss off doctors — I am all for investing in the health system, but demanding a raise that is more money than most people, including nurses, orderlies, social workers, hospital administrators, and so on earn… it is absolutely disgraceful.

Sure, they are overworked, and sure 20 hour shifts are ridiculous, but until everyone gets greater recognition of their skills in the health sector, I am not about to start crying over someone that earns $130,000 a year.

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