Spare some change, govna?

Do you like me? There’s probably something quite wrong with you and you should get some help. But who am I do judge?

I’ll take your money like the cam ho that I am.

Seriously, every bit of help that I get allows me to do more writing, more organising, and more videos. With your help, I can (finally) have editing and/or research help, finish my book and speak loud and ferociously on behalf of everyone else that can’t.

I want to keep as much of this stuff free as I can, and if you are happy to keep me as your lightning rod, I promise I will do everything I can to use my voice to stand up to bullies who don’t like the word “no”.

If you’re currently afraid to speak out, it would be super cool if you could flick some dosh my way.

Please don’t feel you have to. I know there’s a lot of suffering right now. Do not feel bad. But if you’re in a cushy spot whilst people like me put our lives on the line, do consider helping us to do it.

Love you. Thank you.

PS. If you’re my enemy and want to send me death threats, those don’t work. But, you can pay me to shut up and bidding starts at $100 million.

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