Don’t feed the trolls: How entryists can fuck up any online community in 3 months (and what to do about it)

You might not know this but I a) have run a digital agency for many years b) have been online for 25 years c) have run online communities and moderated for famous people for almost as long and d) understand Politics and political campaign strategies.  

So…  with a few things that have been going on lately, I thought I would do a quick walkough on some old IP that I have repurposed for 2020. I will probably release this as a resource for Patrons when I am finished. 

This video should help you spot some of the signs your organisation or online community is ‘compromised’ by a cult member or religious fanatic or troll or marketer trying to recruit and undermine your community… which can turn very ugly very fast. 

If you give them even the smallest concession, you are well on your path to cancellation.   It follows a distinct pattern, with a specific set of behaviours… it usually starts with one or two people entering the conversation. How you handle it early on can be the difference between a thriving community of true fans or an instant ‘your fate is sealed’ death, within 3-6 months. No, I’m not kidding.

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