‘Dying by the Sword’ Chapter 2 – Progress update

‘Dying by the Sword’ Chapter 2 – Progress update
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So, I know I was going to be releasing Chapter 2 some time ago… but life and work and illness etc has gotten in the way.

That said, I am letting you know that Chapter 2 will be ready in the next few weeks. I promise! It’s close! 

This was actually the hardest Chapter to write, because I had to revisit some stuff that I hadn’t really thought about for a while. Also, that delicate balance between “funny weird stories” and “dirty laundry” is a fine line. I think I have walked the line pretty well.

Also, the screenshot below shows you roughly where the Chapters are at right now. Obviously will be subject to change.

But, hang in there folks… 

Also, if you missed Chapter 1… they’re attached here:


Love youse x

And thanks, as always, for your support on Patreon. It means a lot.