Eyes on your own plate.

Eyes on your own plate.
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Here’s a little epiphany I had whilst feeding ducks and watching a magpie trip over his face this morning:

6 months ago, I quit dieting for good and started listening to my body. I focused on what felt right (gluten restriction aside, obviously) TO ME, ate what I felt like eating and I let my body decide.

A big part of this approach is “eyes on your own plate” — the idea that it is a personal choice: there are no “shoulds” — just get exercise that you enjoy doing and listen to you. Be strong. I do not talk about or pick apart or comment on anyone else’s choices in that regard.

This mindset has had a tremendous impact on every aspect of my life, in ways that I didn’t even really realise until today.

Eyes on your own plate.

Eyes on your own life.

People are so concerned with imposing their views on everyone else. Pushing an agenda — which is often not even their own, but under the influence of others. I’ve done it too — I’m human, but I am getting better at letting it go.

Everyone is so busy, projecting their own views of the world onto people who experience that world differently. Everyone has an opinion on every facet of my life: what I eat, what I don’t eat, what I do or don’t do as a parent. My postcode. My taste in music. What I do and don’t post on Facebook. Who I choose to love and why I choose to love them.

It is always focused on the “shoulds”. Well maybe, instead just focus on what, and who makes us happy and stop trying to control how things should be, and just let it ACTUALLY be, without expectation. Stop and think if your opinion actually matters. Also, maybe stop and think if your opinion might hurt someone else.

Maybe if more people kept their eyes on their own plate, they would realise that the answer is not in the advice of others, but on looking within and listening to your intuition and desires. Coming from a place of complete centredness, love and confidence.

I used to think that I had low self esteem, because that is what the world told me my decisions meant. No, my decisions are complex, but also very, very simple: I listen to my intuition.

I am confident enough to eat what I want to eat and enjoy it. I am confident enough to pick up weights and go for a run even if I don’t look sexy doing it. I am confident enough to love others, purely, completely and unconditionally, expecting absolutely nothing in return.

Maybe we should all just focus on our own plates every so often, let others be, let them find their own path, and have a bit of faith that things will not only work out for the best, but that we all have the answers we are looking for if we just shut the fuck up every once in a while and only offer your opinion, if actually asked for it.

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