Friday 28th July

Friday 28th July
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Tealou is talking like herself again. You could just about knock her Doctor over with a feather he was that surprised by her progress. This week she has gone from being close to death to almost normal again. Tuesday I was told that she could be in hospital for 6 weeks now she could be out as early as mid next week.

Tealou has trouble knowing how long its been since things have happened but that is mostly due to the fact that she lost 6 days. For example, things that happened yesterday she thinks happened a few days ago.

Tealou is over the Sepsis and her temperature is back to normal.

A scan today showed that there is still a ‘leak’ in her stomach. Doctors believe that no further surgery will be required but that depends on how she goes this weekend. I’m sure that at the rate she is going she will heal that ‘leak’ by herself in no time. Drains are still in just in case.

Tealou saw her baby boy Jules today and will see Mina tomorrow.

Tealou is very positive and believes that she will be out of hospital as soon as she possibly can. Tealou thanks all her friends for their continued support and plans to get a laptop set up in the hospital soon so she can talk to everyone.

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