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Fun with computers…

by Téa Smith
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Fun with computers…

by Téa Smith

Stumbled on this site, where it attempts to match your face with a celebrity. Being the narcissist that I am, I tried it. About 6 times with different photos.

Got Holly Marie Combs twice

Got Tara Reid twice

Got Pam Anderson once (LOL)

Got Nicole Richie once

I put two of Jules in it and got Cliff Richard and LL Cool J.

Mina got Kylie Minogue and Rachel Lee Cook. heh.

ooh, you
saucy minx!

I see you. Sitting there. Seductively scrolling and clicking like the flirt that you are, reading and watching my stuff.

OK I can’t really see you, this is just a text box and I ain’t the CIA. I’m not watching you, I swear. Unless you want me to and the price is right. Ahem.

Anyway, sign up if you want and I might write to you from time to time. I’m cool. We’re cool. 

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