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Go get ’em, tiger…

by Téa Smith
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Go get ’em, tiger…

by Téa Smith

It seems we’ve made it to election day. All I can say to any last minute undecided folk out there is to think about your vote. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, but make it count and THINK about how you number your boxes. The Greens (and Jason) went open ticket in Armadale because of his issues with the Planning and Infrastructure Minister, and the other alternatives are just too horrible to bear.

If you’re still unconvinced about voting Green, here are a couple of ads that might make you like them.

If you’re voting Family First or CDP, PLEASE consider what you’re doing seriously (and why the heck are you reading my blog …lol)

Anyway, hopefully I can now resume normal blogging that focuses on ME, not the issues! bah! And if anyone wants to offer me a job after the election, yes please…

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