September 30, 2004

I love the internet…

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Posted 18 years ago
by Téa Smith

God, I love the internet. And, despite my 6 hours a day of slacking off on it, I never quite realised its power until just now.

I saw a comedian on the Comedy Channel a few months back. I didn’t know his name. All I knew was what he looked like and he made my jaw hurt from laughing. I think I literally split a side when I heard him. The only thing I did remember was that his name was “Jimmy” or “Jeremy” and sounded Jewish. Which, when you consider the legion of Jewish comedians names Jimmy or Jerry, it seems a bit futile.

But, alas, somehow, after about 8 minutes of searching, I came up with Jeremy Hotz. He is SO funny… check him out. Apparently he writes for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But his comedy… my god… it touches a major funny bone.

So now, with my new friend Jeremy Hotz, I am currently downlaoding all of his standup from emule.

And, thus, with no name, a vague description and what felt to be an impossible task… I now have a new favourite comedian.

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