June 22, 2004

I pledge allegiance…

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Posted 18 years ago
by Téa Smith

…to the Australian Flag, whether I want to or not.
Schools forced to fly the flag

C’mon, John. Get real. Do you really think that this is a real issue? Of course you don’t. What this is, however, is your acknowledgement of your failure to win the aspirational, under-50 voters back from Mark Latham. So now, what you are doing is appealing to the grey RSL regulars that you *know* dominate our society. You’ve gone back to Johnny heartland: the voters that are resistant to change; resistant to dissent; and, above all, resistant to those pesky young-folk that have no respect for their elders.

You have to wonder why, John, when you pull such cynical stunts such as this. it shows a politician that is desperate: trying to exploit the racist, conservative heartland — instead of making politics about ideas, you make it about winning.

I have to ask: what happens to the Aboriginal children? Will their flag be displayed alongside the Australian flag as a symbol of unity? Or will the Australian flag be it — a symbol of the “like it or leave it” attitude of colonialism? A symbol of pride for some, but a symbol of oppression for others?

John, you have successfully reversed most of the things that have made this country great and unique. It is only when I get a tolerant Australia with a flag that does not have the Union Jack on it (first and foremost) that I will stand proud. Until then, I will write this off as yet another political stunt from a cynical politician, desperate to cling onto his power base.

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