[Live Daily] How Coriander Broke the Internet, my box & AMA

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Before Cancel Culture, before Outrage, before Trump’s Tweets, before Twitter gripped the news cycle by the balls, there was Coriander.

There is nothing new about Twitter mobs – in fact – they are built into Twitter’s DNA. In this episode I will talk about one such example from 2010, where a simple tweet about Coriander fractured the Perth Twitter community forever.

It’s never about the Coriander. It’s the dynamics, the politics, the resentments that lie underneath. This has become a common theme in Internet Tribes, and I want to start talking more about examples. Also, if you have good ones, send them to me and I’ll talk about them.

Also, my 84 year old Grandma dropped in, and I talked about my box.

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[Live Daily] How Coriander Broke the Internet, my box & AMA

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