Love you Ma…

by Téa Smith
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Has anyone seen those stupid ads for KFC? You know, the ones where grown men and whingeing teenage boys are on at mum for not cooking. After all, its her JOB. And, so that mum can get a night off from the greedy little arseholes, she needs to 1) hide all the food or 2) scavenge for a night off on Mother’s Day.

I, personally, have been rather outraged at said adverts over the last couple of months. I have always thought “why the hell can’t those boys fix themselves some 2 minute noodles?”.

But, I was proven wrong last night. Me, in my attempt at postmodern humour, thought it’d be funny to buy a KFC family meal on Mother’s Day. Ok, that wasn’t why. I am pregnant and baby wants KFC. Nuff Said. But still…

Got there and there were 20 cars lined up at the drive thru. And a line of about 30 people in the restaurant that went all the way to the door. It was like working at South Perth KFC on Australia Day all over again.

Seems that the mullet majority LOVE these traditional values of “giving mum a break”. Or we’re a nation of fat fuckers, not sure. That said, they’ll swallow just about anything (ahem…John Howard and children overboard).

Also, have you seen that St John Ambulance ad, with the commentary on how this man can recite King Lear by heart, but then he walks into his house to see his kid choking and he doesn’t know what to do?

What about the mother? She’s sitting there, quivering and blabbering like an idiot. Probably hasn’t even called an Ambulance. Why is the MAN responsible for saving his daughter from choking? The woman was home with her, and making a din, when dad just happens to walk through the door…and suddenly its his fault that he hadnt learned how to stop the kid choking?!

This world is a strange place.

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