My Sister’s Guide to Motherhood.

My Sister’s Guide to Motherhood.
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I had the privilege of visiting my sister down in Shitholesville (otherwise known as Leda, where, I shit you not, they have a Whitebread Lane. Now, given that its one of those bogan estates that is only an hour away from ANYWHERE but is cheap, I had to laugh).

Anyway, seeing as we were there to show off the new sprog, conversation occasionally digressed into motherhood-related issues. My little sister, having had twins at the tender age of 18, has always been an inspiration to me, primarily because she doesn’t let things faze her, whereas I would be a blithering mess about everything. Motherhood is no exception.

We started talking about newborn sleep patterns — how we were using the Baby Whisperer’s method and patiently waiting for it to work.

My sister then went on to say that both the twins and their younger brother had slept through the night from the day they came home from the hospital.

She considers what she said for a moment, and then said “at least, I think they did — I’ll sleep through anything. Too bad for them if they didn’t!”.

I would have been horrified if she wasn’t such a good mother…