July 1, 2007

No fat chicks: Well, you’re clean outta luck there, girlie.

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Posted 15 years ago
by Téa Smith

Mina and Jason were talking in the car on her way to school. The usual chatter about various things occur, until Mina asks Jason:

“Dad, what is your car’s name? Mum’s car is named Zelda.”

Jason, thinking he’d be a smartarse, said “My car is called Legend”.

“But Legend is a boy’s name. Your car is a girl”

“What makes you say that? Maybe my car is a boy.”

“Oh, so maybe your car is in love with Mum’s car”

I drive a Falcon and his car is a little Hyundai, so Jason said: “Nar, I don’t think my car likes fat chicks”

“No, Dad, I am talking about mum’s CAR!”

Nice. hehehe.

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