On-stream Brainfart Corrections, 1/infinity

On-stream Brainfart Corrections, 1/infinity
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Hey all, I was re-reading some Twitter docs for some upcoming stuff and I realised I have made a mistake. 

I can’t remember which stream it was, but I said on-stream that Twitter had a “Co-CEO”. This is not the case. I was referring the Twitter’s board, who had the Co-CEO of another company on it. I realised my mistake yesterday and I don’t want it out in the wild… I have to find which stream it was where I said it so I can correct in the description, but need to make sure that when I fuck up on stream, I correct it. 🙂

Live streams are tricky in that sometimes you misread or misunderstand the intent or tone or don’t recall things correctly. I don’t want you to go away with incorrect information – there’s enough of that already.

Also, re: the person who said TGA when I was talking about Disinformation in Science – I realise that you didn’t mean FDA, and the TGA in Australia. Woops, my bad.

Might be worthwhile me posting all my fuck-ups as they come to light, so that people are aware that the combination of unedited streams, moving news, and my brainfarts can sometimes lead to bad info.

Forgive me. I am sure you will 🙂

It is super important that we don’t share bullshit or fuckery, but I am also a human, multitasking, with ADHD (sometimes I think one thing/word and say another) and chats popping up that can derail and often cause my words to not card read good.


I’ll try to be better, but that is the trade-off with live streams vs edited content.

Also, don’t get your fucking news from me. I’m mostly just being funny.

Love ya.

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