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Or, the morgue, or hell, or the worms eat you…

by Téa Smith
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Or, the morgue, or hell, or the worms eat you…

by Téa Smith

Driving Mina to school this morning, she asked me about the trees. I said I didn’t know what type they were, but she proclaimed that they must be “African Trees”. She then asked me how “African Trees” got to Australia.

Seizing an opportunity to teach Mina about diversity, I explained how lots of different people from lots of different countries have brought lots of different things to our country, and it makes Australia awesome because of it. I then added:

“It’s so great that people are different.”

Mina contemplated what I had said for a moment and looked up at me with those big brown eyes and said:

“Mum, when people die they go to heaven, don’t they?”

Not really sure what to say in response (I am not keen on that being taught as a fact, but rather an opinion), I said “some people seem to think so, yes.”

Again, a few seconds silence.

“Mum, some people think that they go to heaven, right?”

“Sure, Mina.”

“And the others just go to the doctors, don’t they?”

(muffled laughter to the point where I nearly run off the road)

“um, Yes they do.I guess so!”

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