Pizza Hut’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Pizza Hut’s Guide to Healthy Eating
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Somethings been bothering me for a while now. And the more I see it, the more hilarious I find it.

Have you seen the latest Pizza Hut commercials with Peter Rowsthorn in them? I think they are advertising cheesy crusts or something else. A pizza crust filled with cheese, topped with cheese, and loaded with neatly arranged pepperoni (much neater than you ever get in real life, I might add). It looks tasty — and really fattening. And Pizza Hut appear to be aware of this.

You know why? On that cheese-filled, cheese topped, otherwise-heart-attack-heaven pepperoni pizza that Peter Rowsthorn puts in his mouth, lies one solitary piece of green capsicum.

I just don’t get it. Do they think that by putting one piece of green on the pizza that they are somehow negating everything else? That, being the dumb fucks we are, we will suddenly decide its actually a health pizza? Or was it meant to make an otherwise drool-enducing pizza into something “gourmet”? Are they trying to take a leaf from McDonalds book and making a healthy alternative pepperoni stuffed crust pizza? Good on them, I say, for doing their bit to make people eat healthier. Snort.

My guess would be that it was an accident — you know, like those stray bits of pineapple and onion you always get on a meatlovers?

Look at the ad next time it comes on. It’s awfully conspicuous. And, once you’ve noticed, that’s it. You’ll keep noticing. And then you’ll feel so moved that you need to blog it.

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