The Curious Case of Joe Rogan (AUDIO)

12 Oct 2021

Yes, I know, I wasn’t going to talk about Trending stuff anymore, but this little nugget landed on my Twitter feed and you can’t make it up. Joe Rogan had a guest on, talking about the War Machine, PsyOps and the Military-Industrial Complex. Same day, a carefully edited video was fed to Twitter, and the cycle of #disinformation​ crying #misinformation​ went off. I, naturally, unlike everybody, looked at the source of the video. Once you see this for what it is – coordinated propaganda from the powerful… Seriously. You just can’t make this one up. Plain as day. I’ll go through it, and explain why it is important to assume clips on Twitter etc are designed to nudge you. Like, this is textbook stuff. Now, everybody is arguing about vaccinations and #cancelculture​, because a clip was spread from a video talking literally ABOUT THE FORCES AT PLAY… I’ll give it to Joe Rogan, he knows how to work within that machine. lol. Will also chat etc, of course.

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