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So, here’s the deal. I really don’t want to paywall my work. But we also need to paywall it to make money. So, I thought, hey, let’s do a thing where I trust people. On the internet. What? Huh? Are you crazy? Well, yeah but that’s not the point.

How about I ask those who have it, and can afford it, pay what they want, and it helps keep my future content free for everyone.

If feelgood vibes don’t do it for you, VIPs get the perk of being able to interact, some additional resources/downloads to go with every post, and get early/special access… including some of the old/private stuff that has been deleted/regretted over the years.

A big part of the Internet is Free problem, is that it isn’t free. Nothing is. If it is free for you, someone has paid for it. But I don’t want to have to get assholes to dangle money, so, I’m asking you to do it instead.

You’ll also get a premium newsletter – which is a much more honest and candid – think Téa After Dark version – with some extra content/commentary, and a selection of curated articles and analysis by me. Maybe even a Zoom call if you pay enough and I can be arsed 🙂

I will never claim to be the news and never claim to be fair and balanced. But, I will be sincere, good faith, thought through, hopefully make you laugh from time to time, and – well let’s be honest – is probably better than most of the news.

Gotta do that Golden Rule: What's in it for you, huh?

Change starts here.

With you.

With me.

With this.

I talk a lot about why we are – well – here – and it is largely because of the (deliberate) dominant idea that “content” is “free”. We actually meant freedom. And we didn’t call it bloody content. Facebook and Advertisers meant free with a very large undisclosed price. And now everything is content. and I need to sell you with benefits and stuff. Ugh. OK then.

Every time you pay directly for stuff that you like, you help fight this mindset and the business model that keeps us all trapped. As much as I hate living in this system where money and Corporate HR exists, I gotta somehow live in a world where we are only here to produce (content), most definitely aren’t paid to think, or to write anything but ad copy, or to do anything that would be more valued if we did not live in this corporate hellscape that completely ignores people like you and me.

But hey, we can start here. But, if you’re not convinced of that, here are some benefits:

Weekly Premium Newsletter

My weekly newsletter has a selection of curated articles and analysis by me that is definitely not news. There’ll be case studies, analysis and of course some laughs on the so-called culture wars. I’ll do what I can to try and keep you sane, where you (and I) can enjoy ourselves in the (relative) privacy of your inbox.

You’ll get a book recommendation or two, some must-sees and some thoughts that are slightly more structured than my Twitter threads. Maybe.

Discounts & Free Stuff

Oh, you’ll also get a 50% discount on my book when it finally comes out and access and discounts on exclusive Merch and courses etc as they become available.

Access to Stuff

Get access to Members-only content, unedited podcast episodes, interviews and all that usual stuff you’d expect from an overstretched, underfunded middle aged lady with boobs too crap for OnlyFans.

You’ll also get access to Dying by the Sword Premium Content as it becomes available.


You’ll be able to comment on my posts, which is set to read-only for non-members. You know. Because comments sections suck.

I’m also considering other community options – Telegram, Zoom Calls, re-instating the Discord, or possibly even building the social network I almost-finished on top of this site. I want to make something awesome, and am open to feedback.

A good feeling

Even if you never read the newsletter (I know how it is), you also help me to survive. It’s tough out here in the land of not taking sides and the pursuit of truth. Not that I am claiming truth. I mostly want to get you think and entertain you and make you feel better. You know what I mean.

Also, you know... explosions and shit. Boom.

You're too kind :-)

FYI, I run everything financial through the checkout on, which is my company. Don’t worry, it’s still me, it’s just easier for accounting for it to be all under that.

Hey there, good looking. Sorry to interrupt.

Wanna Subscribe?

Thanks for reading my stuff. Seriously. I’m eternally grateful. Yes, I know, subscribing means more bloody email. But do subscribe, and if you’re feeling generous, you can leave a donation (this is my company site that powers the checkout. Don’t worry, it’s still me, I just hate admin). I am completely independent and whilst support is never expected, it is always appreciated.

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