Why are we so angry? How did we get here? It is the eternal question – one that I and many others have been trying to answer. And – more importantly – how on earth do we fix the big problems, such as climate change, inequality, and the myriad other issues that have plagued the legacy of the neoliberal era.

Well, Angrynomics has some answers for you. I highly recommend this book. I listened to the audiobook and found it highly engaging – especially with the interesting “discussion” format between the two authors.

Whilst most of the (online) discourse is about socialism vs capitalism and semantics – it is refreshing to see new ways of looking at politics and economics… a pragmatic, empathetic and most of all workable idea for Capitalism 4.0.

I especially loved the idea of depoliticising the economy and the National Wealth Fund, as well as the Data Dividend.

There is a lot of talk about taking money our of politics, but also, I like the idea of taking the politics out of the money.

This book has many great ideas in it, but to get there we need political will. And to get political will, we need everyone to read it.



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