"Cancel Culture" and the Race to the Bottom.

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29 Sep 2021

“Cancel Culture” and the Race to the Bottom.

So, an army of people led by an influencer claiming oppression can get you fired for relatively minor transgressions. Politeness is now mandatory. Even when you’re a woman out at night, having a bad day, write a joke that doesn’t land… with everyone able to film your mistakes, and screenshot your bad jokes… and share it with 100k followers and get you fired.

You know, oppression. Consequences. Cancel Culture isn’t real, guys.

But incitement, abuse, lack of empathy, bullying and harassment are. As is unfair dismissal.

The “good guys”, filled with righteousness and some insane inversion/distortion of the ladder of oppression means that an influential black man with the ear of CEOs and 100k+ Twitter Followers can get a white woman fired, send an angry mob at her on LinkedIn, make her life a living hell, and somehow, that be considered justice rather than Psychotic.

I don’t talk about race in America, generally. Not my place. It makes me uncomfortable to talk about this issue generally. But this example highlights the disconnect between elites with identity-based oppression leading to righteousness and abuse of power, and material-based oppression such as sex and class and data. What I want to do is talk more about this distortion of logic that has occurred in US politics (which is downwind from us). Dick rockets in the air, influential men bullying women in the street at night is fine, employers sacking people with no cause is also fine because of the abuse of misconduct loopholes, and those loopholes being abused by abusive internet mobs who are defending…

What? Which metric? Skin colour? Or a man with influence bullying a woman who was out alone at night?

Let’s talk today about the politics and psychology of repression, learning and how disproportionate “consequences” don’t teach anyone anything. Yes this is about Frederick Joseph, but also not about Frederick Joseph. He claims Cancel Culture doesn’t exist, and yet this is the problem with this whacky and appropriated ladder of oppression… whose oppression matters more? Race, Economics, Sex, Gender?

This is a race to the bottom.

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