October 16, 2005

She might be four, but she has common sense…

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Posted 17 years ago
by Téa Smith

Earlier today, Jason and I were discussing abortion statistics — for some reason it came up. He was alarmed, indignant and protesting. I advocated more sensible point of view…that I would much prefer 90,000 aborted fetuses than 90,000 kids noone wanted any day of the week. I for one am not horrified at that… in fact, I think there are some cases where an abortion should have been automatic, for example, any member of my family. Except me.

Of course, then, in order to win his useless “I am a man and have an opinion on this” argument, he started saying nonsense like “Mina wouldn’t be pro-choice because she has a baby brother in your belly”…what the fuck? Anyway…

Jason turned to Mina and asked her if mummy should have an abortion.

Mina replied “It’s up to mum”.

Feh. She doesnt even know what an abortion is and even she understands logic 😉

Sucked in, Jase.

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