She’s a crazy bitch, y’all…

She’s a crazy bitch, y’all…
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Just a quick note to all those friends, family etc who care that now that Jules is over 6 months and I have the all-clear from PND/PTSD that I have decided to stop taking Lexapro. Whilst anti depressants help with anxiety, they also contribute to me feeling uninspired, lose my frustrations and passions that fuel my creativity and motivation, and, well, basically, I don’t really need them.

Withdrawing from SSRI’s is nasty business and I can’t really guarantee that I won’t be writing strange blogs, emailing people with psycho rants, posting my debut on The Spin Starts Here, or other insane things. I may also disappear and not reply to emails because I want to stay in bed with my kids and watch TV all day. But don’t take it personally.

And if any Internet Mothers with nothing better to do feel the need to harass me, would be nice if you’d wait a couple of weeks. Then I’ll tell you all to fuck off and you’ll know I mean it.

Odds are I’ll be exactly the same as normal and do the above anyway, but hey, getting reprieve for being a bitch doesn’t happen often 😀