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She’s not her mother’s daughter at all…

by Téa Smith
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She’s not her mother’s daughter at all…

by Téa Smith

There are times when I wonder if my children take after me, and even times when they really appear to be from another gene pool altogether. But this video really does dispell any doubts about whether Mina is at all like me.

The answer is a resounding yes.

This may shock you to read (actually, probably, it won’t), but there was once a time when I was a bitch. I really thought that I had the right to correct poor grammar, or remind people of their mistakes. I even made a drummer cry because I told him he couldn’t keep the beat (being the wannabe diva that I was in high school)… I upset him to the point where he was a no-show at our performance.

Obviously with age and wisdom and a little dose of humility called, you know ALMOST DYING THREE TIMES IN 6 YEARS, and I have become a much more tolerable, mellow, and even occasionally nice, individual.

But now, I see these little tendencies popping up in my daughter. On one hand I am proud of her for sticking up for herself, or being bright, but on the other hand, I really feel for the poor drummer that she is no doubt going to humiliate in a few years.

Mina decided she wanted to make a Care Bears video for Kay Hanley, who I am currently working with. Mina is absolutely mental for the Care Bears at the moment, and it just happens that Kay sang songs on it. So, being the oh-so-influential person that I am knowing allllll these famous people, Mina decided to make her a tribute. She made a paper background with Care Bears, went to all sorts of trouble to get things right, and it all went awry:

Mina singing Care Bears

My kids crack me up.

ooh, you
saucy minx!

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