Stranger Than Fiction

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Posted 2 years ago
by Téa Smith

The thing about studying the phenomenon of ‘Wokism’ and all it’s absurdities is that – as an ideology – it is SO audacious, SO unbelievable, SO brazen, and SO utterly LOOPY (and the people in it such complete and utter fruit cakes), that to simply tell the truth about it, or do any type of analysis or commentary legitimately makes you sound like you are making things up.

When I try to warn people about the very real dangers of this totalitarian political cult, I am sure to put on my serious face. I learn my theory. I make my case. Because this is a very real threat, and we are further along than you might think.

I make sure that I furrow my brow and make sure I am able to refute any arguments. I try to alert everyone to the dangers of an ideology that has all the markings of an incredibly dangerous and destructive cult, that is tearing families apart, destroying lives, and will escalate into mass shootings and executions if not addressed… and that it is gaining ground at a extraordinarily rapid pace.

I mean, this shit is serious.

But then, you have to tell the stories… and show the people involved.

flying stealth plane during day

It’s genius, really.

Even if I reported full time on all of the craziness, matter of factly, with a completely straight face, never exaggerating, never making a joke – just plain and boring and made the driest lecture you could possibly imagine, it would still sound like I am pulling your leg and trying to be funny, because it is so ridiculous.

The more I observe, the more I believe that a big part of why this ideology became so powerful, is in part because of its ridiculousness. Nobody takes Wokes seriously until they come for them. I have said before that there were a number of years where I honestly thought it was the comments section/Tumblr/Fandoms and wrote it off as such. I mistakenly assumed that there were grown-ups in charge that had everything under control. I had absolutely no idea that the comments section had gone mainstream.

I have no doubt that this will be studied for years after its defeat. I’m literally thinking of founding an Academic Journal. What is fascinating about this is the stealthiness of it, and the complexity (which I talked about yesterday), but also that it is so patently ridiculous, it makes its critics look crazy to the point where we aren’t taken seriously.

We should take it very seriously.

Wokism is so effective, that people hear absurd things like “they’re giving mastectomies to young girls“, “a man is suing 6 immigrant women for not waxing his balls and they’re hearing the case” and “that mother is transing their toddler for attention” and you look like you’re making stuff up, not trying to use examples where policy and law are failing us.

It’s quite the roller coaster. Day-to-day, week-to-week, I oscillate between “I need to be an expert in 20 disciplines and have a deep understanding of theory” and “why the fuck do I need to do all this to fight something so idiotic?” to “ah fuck it, I am just going to write jokes, because this is utterly absurd”.

It really feels like the Atheist vs Christians debates of old, when Christians would demand Atheists prove God isn’t real to avoid being burned at the stake.

It’s Big Lie stuff. But with a strange reversal…where the truth is so unbelievable and audacious that the lie is the thing that looks reasonable in comparison.

It’s fascinating.

I have every faith that a few years from now, with some distance and having reached its peak, it will be the story of a lifetime.

I am so glad I get front row seats to this mass delusion, but don’t take it’s ridiculousness and silliness to mean that they are not threatening. Their ridiculousness is their superpower, but I hope that their narcissism and overreach is their downfall.

I really hope they don’t get too much power, but frankly, I also hope that we can find a way to keep them around in a contained way, if just for our collective entertainment.

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