Should business owners talk about politics on social media?

I’ve seen a few comments and posts on LinkedIn recently that we shouldn’t talk about politics on LinkedIn. I’ve seen this aimed at women in particular. I disagree. Why? “Politics”, particularly in the current climate, has a bad rap. It has traditionally been considered impolite conversation. But, at its core, (informed) politics is about trying […]

On the “elevator pitch” …and why I won’t do it.

I’ve been asked to give a talk this week, about what our business does, and tell our story, in under 2 minutes. It is stressing me out no end. Yes, me. Queen big mouth. heh. Not because I’m afraid of speaking. Anyone who knows me knows that isn’t true. It’s because I am supposed to […]

Clients with Commitment Issues: Why the Agency May Not be the Problem.

Are you thinking about leaving your Agency? Why? Reflect for a second, because it might not be their fault. You, the client, might have created this. I am the first to talk about dodgy Agencies who have mastered the art of style over substance. A lot, in fact. In a sales pitch, they’ll love bomb […]

5 things I wish I’d known about the web design business.

3 years ago this week, I left my government job. I didn’t leave willingly — I was 7 months pregnant with my son and had developed complications that meant I had to resign. I was terrified of the prospect of ruining my career in Policy, and wanted nothing more than to get back to it as soon […]